riverside golf club ravenstonedale

Rules for Riverside Golf Club Ravenstonedale

1. Honesty Box for payment of course fees.
2. Under 16's to be accompanied by an adult.
3. Must use car park provided, NOT the area outside gate.
4. Members are responsible for their guests' behaviour and adhering to rules.
5. No litter - keep the course tidy.
6. No boisterous, loud or indecent behaviour; respect peace and quiet of local inhabitants, arrive and leave quietly.
7. Balls hit into adjoining fields are out of bounds, please DO NOT retrieve.
8. Membership fees are due in March each year.
9. Main gate kept open at all times but keep the gate shut onto the course.
10. Preference of shot will be those on the highest no. hole, where shots may cross.
11. Any Competition Events/Days will take priority of play.
12. Don't run on the greens or throw flag sticks down.
13. Flat footwear preferred to avoid indentations on greens.
14. No dogs or animals allowed on the course.
15. Respect your fellow players, where possible avoid dangerous play, your actions and your ball are your own responsibility.
16. Repair divot and pitch marks your ball makes on the green.
17. It is recommended that there are no more than 3 people in a group to avoid slow play and holding up those behind you.
18. Members are asked to help implement and manage these rules and help stop or avoid any improper behaviour.
19. Membership may be withdrawn at the discretion of the management.